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"Les Blue, a certified lab technician from Olean, New York, agrees that freezing deer urine immediately after collection is the answer to having the freshest products on the market."



Using Buckeye Scents

First and most important
When does go into heat or estrus, the sex pheromones show up in the urine. It this fresh urine is not immediately frozen, a bacteria called alpha strep viridans will grow and destroy all pheromones in the urine which now makes the urine no longer effective.

If not frozen, fresh bottled deer urine spoils within 2 to 3 days at room temperature and 7 to 10 days refrigerated.

The only time Whitetail deer smell spoiled deer urine is a couple of months in the Fall when hunters place it in the woods. The rest of the year, deer smell fresh, natural urine.

Only Buckeye Fresh Frozen Urine is what all deer in the wild smell daily. Once a Whitetail deer has been shot at over spoiled urine, that animal will never forget that new smell and may bolt immediately on smelling it the second time.

Our unique collecting, handling and freezing techniques keep all Buckeye Scent products guaranteed smelling fresh.

How to Use Buckeye Frozen Urine
Following are proven techniques reported by various hunters on the use of Buckeye Fresh Frozen Urine.

1. Soak 100 feet or more of cotton string in fresh urine. Place on the ground on a deer trail to your tree stand or ground blind.

2. Place scent pads on bottom of your boots. Put urine on pads every 10 to 15 steps. Keep adding fresh urine to the pads as you walk to your stand. Be sure you add fresh urine as you go or deer will go the wrong way.

3. Use fresh Buckeye urine with doe and buck decoys. Put a real deer tail on a decoy. Place a small sponge under the tail on the decoy. Put fresh urine on the sponge. Place decoy near your stand.

4. On breezy days, not windy days, take NEW spray mist bottle, put 1 or 2 ozs. of Buckeye fresh doe-in- heat urine in the bottle. Add 1 or 2 ozs. of distilled water to doe-in-heat urine. Use distilled water only. Mist frequently while in your tree stand or ground blind. And stay alert.

5. Take 2 clean cotton rags, put Buckeye fresh buck urine on one rag, and Buckeye fresh doe-in-heat urine on the other. Drag both rags to the tree stand or ground blind, add fresh urine to rags every 10 or 15 steps so deer will not go the wrong way.

How to Care for Buckeye Frozen Urine
• Thaw 1-4 ounce bottle of Buckeye overnight in the refrigerator.
• When thawed, shake the bottle well.
• Place 1 oz. in each of 3 clean bottles of your choice.
• Leave 1 oz. in the original Buckeye bottle.
• Refreeze all 4 oz. - 1oz. bottles. The night before you go hunting, thaw out one or two bottles overnight in the refrigerator.


100% Money Back Guarantee
Our unique collecting, handling and freezing techniques
keep all Buckeye Scent products guaranteed smelling fresh.

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