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Deer Scents - Urine

Doe in Heat Urine Doe Urine
(Total Deer Attractant)
Buck Urine Doe-n-Heat Gel
$15 - 4 oz
$10 - 4 oz
$12 - 4 oz
$10 - 4 oz
$12 - 2 oz

When Does go into heat or estrus, sex pheromones show up in the urine. If this fresh urine is not immediately frozen, a bacteria called alpha strep viridans will grow and destroy all pheromones in the urine which will make the urine ineffective.

Attract bucks and curious does with this 100% pure, fresh and quickly frozen doe urine.

TDA was developed for one purpose only, to attract all deer and to fill all your deer tags. TDA will stop all deer in their tracks and hold them for your perfect shot. We Guarantee it.

Help curious bucks investigate who's invading their territory with this 100% pure, fresh and quickly frozen buck urine.

This can be used in conjunction with scent trails made with our frozen liquid scents. Use on limbs or branches about 3 feet high to attract and hold deer at the shot site. Buckeye’s gel works well in all weather conditions & it won’t wash away.


100% Money Back Guarantee
Our unique collecting, handling and freezing techniques
keep all Buckeye Scent products guaranteed smelling fresh.

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