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Buckeye Whitetail deer Black Jack

Black Jack

Our Deer Farm
Buckeye Whitetail Deer Farm is located in Western New York. Our Whitetail deer are raised only for scent collection and public viewing. We feed them only natural foods that wild deer eat daily. The urine is collected daily and frozen immediately. Freezing keeps it fresh and free from bacteria, ready to be thawed and used in the field. If the urine is not frozen immediately, it will spoil in a matter of a few days.

Our scent products come directly from our deer and our farm. M
ost other scent dealers don’t even own deer, let alone know where or how the urine was collected. Most deer urine sold today is collected in pens with slotted floors, urine and manure pass through the floor into bulk tanks. This mix of urine and manure keeps it from being 100% pure, unlike ours.

If you would like to visit we are open for deer viewing the day after Thanksgiving until December 24 as part of Erway's Christmas Tree Adventure.
  Weekdays 12pm – 8pm
  Weekends 8am – 8pm



100% Money Back Guarantee
Our unique collecting, handling and freezing techniques
keep all Buckeye Scent products guaranteed smelling fresh.

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